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Vega Garita, V.E. (author), Ramirez Elizondo, L.M. (author), Chandra Mouli, G.R. (author), Bauer, P. (author)
This paper focuses on the most common PV-storage architectures that are designed for residential applications and that incorporate storage devices like batteries, hydrogen systems, supercapacitors, and flywheels. The main motivations and a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the architectures are presented. Moreover, some common...
conference paper 2016
Mackay, L.J. (author), Hailu, T.G. (author), Chandra Mouli, G.R. (author), Ramirez Elizondo, L.M. (author), Ferreira, J.A. (author), Bauer, P. (author)
The traditional ac power system is challenged by the increased amount of distributed energy resources. Enormous changes and investments are necessary in order to achieve an ac smart grid capable of coping with the challenges introduced. In dc, solutions seem to be more straightforward since most of the distributed energy sources and most of the...
conference paper 2015