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Yan, H. (author), Zhang, C. (author), Coenders, A.M.J. (author), Acquah, Samuel Joe (author), Zhang, Hengnian (author), Wu, Haimei (author), Zhao, Baoshan (author), Huang, Song (author), Fu, Hanwen (author)
Estimating the latent heat flux accurately is important to improve greenhouse crops irrigation schedules. Aerodynamic and canopy resistances, as two key parameters in the Bulk transfer equations, are already difficult to measure in the open field and even more in greenhouses. In this study, an experiment was conducted in a Venlo-type cucumber...
journal article 2018
Huang, L. (author), Ai, Tinghua (author), van Oosterom, P.J.M. (author), Yan, Xiongfeng (author), Yang, Min (author)
The representation of vector data at variable scales has been widely applied in geographic information systems and map-based services. When the scale changes across a wide range, a complex generalization that involves multiple operations is required to transform the data. To present such complex generalization, we proposed a matrix model to...
journal article 2017