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Kamra, A. (author), Keshtgar, H. (author), Yan, P. (author), Bauer, G.E.W. (author)
We model the injection of elastic waves into a ferromagnetic film (F) by a nonmagnetic transducer (N). We compare the configurations in which the magnetization is normal and parallel to the wave propagation. The lack of axial symmetry in the former results in the emergence of evanescent interface states. We compute the energy-flux transmission...
journal article 2015
Yan, P. (author), Kamra, A. (author), Cao, Y. (author), Bauer, G.E.W. (author)
The angular momentum vector of a Heisenberg ferromagnet with isotropic exchange interaction is conserved, while under uniaxial crystalline anisotropy the projection of the total spin along the easy axis is a constant of motion. Using Noether's theorem, we prove that these conservation laws persist in the presence of dipole-dipole interactions....
journal article 2013