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Li, Mengmeng (author), Mangalore, Deepthi Kamath (author), Zhao, Jingbo (author), Carpenter, Joshua H. (author), Yan, Hongping (author), Ade, Harald (author), Müllen, Klaus (author), Blom, Paul W.M. (author), Pisula, Wojciech (author), de Leeuw, D.M. (author), Asadi, Kamal (author), Yan, He (author)
It is still a great challenge to fabricate conjugated polymer monolayer field-effect transistors (PoM-FETs) due to intricate crystallization and film formation of conjugated polymers. Here we demonstrate PoM-FETs based on a single monolayer of a conjugated polymer. The resulting PoM-FETs are highly reproducible and exhibit charge carrier...
journal article 2018
Khaliq, J. (author), Li, C. (author), Chen, K. (author), Shi, B. (author), Ye, H. (author), Grande, A.M. (author), Yan, H. (author), Reece, M.J. (author)
The effect of substitution and oxidation-reduction on the thermal conductivity of perovskite-like layered structure (PLS) ceramics was investigated in relation to mass contrast and non-stoichiometry. Sr (acceptor) was substituted on the A site, while Ta (donor) was substituted on the B site of La2Ti2O7. Substitution in PLS materials creates...
journal article 2015
Zhao, J. (author), Li, J. (author), Yan, H. (author), Zheng, L. (author), Dai, Z. (author)
Analysis on the hydrologic characteristics of the main stream of the Yangtze River and Poyang Lake were studied to discuss the water exchange between the main stream of the Yangtze River and Poyang Lake before and after the operation of Three Gorges Reservoir, as well as in the typical dry year of 2006. The annual runoff distribution for dry...
journal article 2011