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Dai, T. (author), Zhuang, T. (author), Yan, J. (author), Zhang, Tong (author)
The cultural attributes of architecture in touristic cities are vital to city image building, city branding, and rebranding, as well as generating more economic profits for sustainable urban development, and protecting cultural sustainability. However, many studies on this theme focus on the singularity of architecture referring to its...
journal article 2018
Yan, B. (author), Pham, H.T.M. (author), Ma, Y. (author), Zhuang, Y. (author), Sarro, P.M. (author)
The authors demonstrate a method for the fabrication of in situ ultrathin porous anodic aluminum oxide layers (aspect ratio<2:1) on Si, which can be directly used as templates for nanodot preparation and for pattern transfer. The regular shape of the aluminum oxide pores is maintained even when the thickness of the aluminum oxide template is...
journal article 2007