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Tan, H. (author), Sivec, L. (author), Yan, B. (author), Santbergen, R. (author), Zeman, M. (author), Smets, A.H.M. (author)
We show experimentally that the photocurrent of thin-film hydrogenated microcrystalline silicon (?c-Si:H) solar cells can be enhanced by 4.5?mA/cm2 with a plasmonic back reflector (BR). The light trapping performance is improved using plasmonic BR with broader angular scattering and lower parasitic absorption loss through tuning the size of...
journal article 2013
Wank, M.A. (author), Van Swaaij, R.A.C.M.M. (author), Van de Sanden, M.C.M. (author)
The surface roughness evolution of hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H) films has been studied using in situ spectroscopic ellipsometry for a temperature range of 150–400?°C. The effect of external rf substrate biasing on the coalescence phase is discussed and a removal/densification of a hydrogen-rich layer is suggested to explain the...
journal article 2009