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Abdolah Zadeh, M. (author)
Inspired by the state of the art and the recent advances in the field of self-healing corrosion protective coatings, the thesis entitled “Self-healing corrosion protective sol-gel coatings” addresses novel routes to self-healing corrosion protective sol-gel coatings via extrinsic and intrinsic healing approaches. The employed approaches aim at...
doctoral thesis 2016
Varini, M. (author), Koleva, D.A. (author), Denkova, A.G. (author), Mol, J.M.C. (author), Terryn, H. (author), Van Breugel, K. (author)
Polymeric nano-materials utilization in reinforced concrete, aiming to deal with steel corrosion was developed in previous works. Promising results were obtained with PEO–b–PS nano-formations, both in terms of enhanced bulk matrix properties and improved steel corrosion resistance. Recent research has been focusing on a cheaper and commercially...
conference paper 2013
De Graeve, I. (author), Muselle, T. (author), Scheltjens, G. (author), Brancart, J. (author), Gonzalez Garcia, Y. (author), Mol, J.M.C. (author), Van Assche, G. (author), Van Mele, B. (author), Terryn, H. (author)
conference paper 2011