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Chamarczuk, M. (author), Malinowski, M. (author), Nishitsuji, Y. (author), Thorbecke, J.W. (author), Koivisto, E. (author), Heinonen, S. (author), Juurela, S. (author), Mężyk, M. (author), Draganov, D.S. (author)
The main issues related to passive-source reflection imaging with seismic interferometry (SI) are inadequate acquisition parameters for sufficient spatial wavefield sampling and vulnerability of surface arrays to the dominant influence of the omnipresent surface-wave sources. Additionally, long recordings provide large data volumes that...
journal article 2019
Agarwal, Girish (author), Allen, Roland E. (author), Bezděková, Iva (author), Boyd, Robert W. (author), Chen, Goong (author), Hanson, R. (author), Hawthorne, Dean L. (author), Hemmer, Philip (author), Kim, Moochan B. (author), Kocharovskaya, Olga (author), Lee, D. (author), Lidström, Sebastian K. (author), Lidström, Suzy (author), Losert, Harald (author), Maier, Helmut (author), Neuberger, John W. (author), Padgett, Miles J. (author), Raizen, Mark (author), Rajendran, Surjeet (author), Rasel, Ernst (author), Schleich, Wolfgang P. (author), Scully, Marlan O. (author), Shchedrin, Gavriil (author), Shvets, Gennady (author), Sokolov, Alexei P. (author), Svidzinsky, Anatoly (author), Walsworth, Ronald L. (author), Weiss, Rainer (author), Wilczek, Frank (author), Willner, Alan E. (author), Yablonovich, Eli (author), Zheludev, Nikolay (author)
The Winter Colloquium on the Physics of Quantum Electronics (PQE) has been a seminal force in quantum optics and related areas since 1971. It is rather mind-boggling to recognize how the concepts presented at these conferences have transformed scientific understanding and human society. In January 2017, the participants of PQE were asked to...
journal article 2018
Montilla, I. (author)
The main goal of this thesis is to develop a system to permit wide field operation of Michelson Interferometers. A wide field of view is very important in applications such as the observation of extended or multiple objects, the fringe acquisition and/ or tracking on a nearby unresolved object, and also to reduce the observation time. For ground...
doctoral thesis 2004