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Ellis, J.D. (author), Joo, K.N. (author), Spronck, J.W. (author), Munnig Schmidt, R.H. (author)
We describe two different, double-sided interferometer designs for measuring material stability. Both designs are balanced interferometers where the only optical path difference is the sample and the reference beams are located within the interferometer. One interferometer is a double-pass design, whereas the other is a single-pass system. Based...
journal article 2009
Montilla, I. (author), Pereira, S.F. (author), Braat, J.J.M. (author)
A new interferometric technique for Michelson wide-field interferometry is presented that consists of a Michelson pupil-plane combination scheme in which a wide field of view can be achieved in one shot. This technique uses a stair-shaped mirror in the intermediate image plane of each telescope in the array, allowing for simultaneous correction...
journal article 2005