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Trifunovic, M. (author), Shimoda, T. (author), Ishihara, R. (author)
Printing electronics has led to application areas which were formerly impossible with conventional electronic processes. Solutions are used as inks on top of large areas at room temperatures, allowing the production of fully flexible circuitry. Commonly, research in these inks have focused on organic and metal-oxide ink materials due to their...
journal article 2015
Zhang, J. (author), Trifunovic, M. (author), Van der Zwan, M. (author), Takagishi, H. (author), Kawajiri, R. (author), Shimoda, T. (author), Beenakker, C.I.M. (author), Ishihara, R. (author)
Solution process of silicon will provide high-speed transistor fabrication with low-cost by, for example, roll-to-roll process. In this paper, a low-temperature process (350?°C) is reported for fabrication of high-quality Si devices on a polyimide substrate from doctor-blade coated liquid-Si. With this method, different semiconductor devices...
journal article 2013