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Slob, E.C. (author), Wapenaar, C.P.A. (author)
We present a three-dimensional scheme that can be used to compute the electromagnetic impulse response between any two subsurface points from surface reflection data measured at a single surface of a lossless medium. The scheme first computes a virtual vertical radar profile using the Marchenko scheme from which focusing wavefields are...
conference paper 2017
Slob, E.C. (author), Hunziker, J.W. (author), Thorbecke, J.W. (author), Wapenaar, C.P.A. (author)
conference paper 2014
Broggini, F. (author), Wapenaar, C.P.A. (author), Van der Neut, J.R. (author), Snieder, R. (author)
An iterative method is presented that allows one to retrieve the Green's function originating from a virtual source located inside a medium using reflection data measured only at the acquisition surface. In addition to the reflection response, an estimate of the travel times corresponding to the direct arrivals is required. However, no detailed...
journal article 2014