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Xu, S. (author), García, Alvaro (author), Su, Junfeng (author), Liu, Q. (author), Tabakovic, A. (author), Schlangen, E. (author)
In recent decades, researchers have revealed the great healing potential of asphalt and proposed various novel methods to inspire and improve the self-healing capacity of asphalt aimed to prolong the service life of asphalt pavement. In this review, up to date research progresses in induction healing and embedded rejuvenator encapsulation are...
review 2018
García, Á. (author), Schlangen, E. (author), Van de Ven, M. (author), Van Vliet, D. (author)
The objective of this research is to examine the induction heating of mastic through the addition of electrically conductive fillers and fibers (graphite and steel wool), and to prove that this material can be healed with induction energy. The effect of fibers content, sand–bitumen ratio and the combination of fillers and fibers on the induction...
journal article