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Zemskov, S.V. (author), Copuroglu, O. (author), Vermolen, F.J. (author)
A mathematical model for the post-damage recovery of carbonated cement is described. The model is based on a two-dimensional initial-boundary value problem for a system of partial differential equations. The study is embedded within the framework of investigating the effect of using lightweight expanded clay aggregate, which is incorporated into...
conference paper 2013
Sisomphon, K. (author), Copuroglu, O. (author), Fraaij, A. (author)
This paper studies the potential of using expanded clay lightweight aggregate impregnated with sodium monofluorophosphate (Na2FPO3) solution which is eventually encapsulated by a cement paste layer to produce a self-healing system in blast furnace slag cement mortars. It was found that the technique significantly improved the quality of the...
journal article 2011