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Metz, I.C. (author), Muhlhausen, Thorsten (author), Ellerbroek, J. (author), Kügler, Dirk (author), van Gasteren, Hans (author), Kraemer, Jan (author), Hoekstra, J.M. (author)
Annually, thousands of birds collide with aircraft. The impact usually has lethal
consequences for the bird, the involved aircraft can experience severe damage. The highest bird strike risk occurs at low altitudes. Therefore, aircraft within the airport area as well as the adjacent approach and departure corridors are especially vulnerable...
journal article 2018
Metz, I.C. (author), Ellerbroek, J. (author), Muhlhausen, Thorsten (author), Kügler, D. (author), Hoekstra, J.M. (author)
This paper presents a fast-time simulation environment for assessing the risk of bird strikes in aviation. An existing air traffic simulator was enhanced in order to simulate air and bird traffic simultaneously and to recognize collisions between birds and aircraft. Furthermore, a method was developed to generate bird movement information from...
conference paper 2017
Metz, I.C. (author), Muhlhausen, Thorsten (author), Ellerbroek, J. (author), Hoekstra, J.M. (author), Kügler, D. (author)
The presented research evaluates the concept of providing an airport’s Air Traffic Control with a bird strike advisory system. Such a system informs the controller about current and predicted bird movements in the arrival and departure corridors. Based on this information, the controller can decide to delay or reroute air traffic in order to...
abstract 2017