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Erlangga, Y.A. (author), Vuik, C. (author), Oosterlee, C.W. (author)
report 2003
van Gijzen, M.B. (author), Erlangga, Y.A. (author), Vuik, C. (author)
Shifted Laplace preconditioners have attracted considerable attention as a technique to speed up convergence of iterative solution methods for the Helmholtz equation. In this paper we present a comprehensive spectral analysis of the Helmholtz operator preconditioned with a shifted Laplacian. Our analysis is valid under general conditions. The...
report 2006
Aissa, M.H. (author), Verstraete, Tom (author), Vuik, C. (author)
A computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) code for steady simulations solves a set of non-linear partial differential equations using an iterative time stepping process, which could follow an explicit or an implicit scheme. On the CPU, the difference between both time stepping methods with respect to stability and performance has been well covered in...
journal article 2017