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Van den Brink, L. (author), Stoter, J.E. (author), Zlatanova, S. (author)
This paper presents key aspects of the development of a Dutch 3D standard IMGeo as a CityGML ADE. The new ADE is modeled using UML class diagrams. However the OGC CityGML specification does not provide clear rules on modeling an ADE in UML. This paper describes how the extension was built, which provides general insight how CityGML can be...
conference paper 2012
Boufidou, E. (author), Commandeur, T.J.F. (author), Nedkov, S.B. (author), Zlatanova, S. (author)
Modern large cities are characterized by a high building concentration, little aeration and lack of green spaces. Such characteristics create an urban climate which is different from the climate outside of cities. An example of an urban climate effect is the so-called Urban Heat Island: cities tend to be warmer than the surrounding rural areas....
conference paper 2011