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Romero Rodriguez, C. (author), Chaves Figueiredo, S. (author), Chiaia, B. (author), Schlangen, E. (author)
Cracking in concrete structures compromises the durability and functionality of the structures themselves. Different kinds of self-healing concretes, less or more sophisticated, have been developed in the past ten years to overcome early cracks in structures. An experimental study of a novel self-healing concrete is presented. Bitumen, used as...
conference paper 2016
Liu, Q. (author), Schlangen, H.E.J.G. (author), Van Bochove, G. (author)
Porous asphalt shows excellent performance in both noise reduction and water drainage. Although porous asphalt has these great qualities, its service life is much shorter (sometimes only half) compared to dense graded asphalt roads. Ravelling, which is the loss of aggregate particles from the surface layer, is the main damage mechanism of porous...
conference paper 2013
García, Á. (author), Schlangen, E. (author), Van de Ven, M. (author), Van Vliet, D. (author)
The objective of this research is to examine the induction heating of mastic through the addition of electrically conductive fillers and fibers (graphite and steel wool), and to prove that this material can be healed with induction energy. The effect of fibers content, sand–bitumen ratio and the combination of fillers and fibers on the induction...
journal article