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Klaver, G.T. (author), Joziasse, J. (author), Bakker, I. (author)
In this paper, the influence of impoundments (sluices, weirs, etc.) and stream components (tributaries, river branches, associated canals) on the metal content in water and suspended particulate matter (SPM) in the Dutch part of the River Meuse is assessed using the decrease in the cadmium content of the particulate and dissolved phase during...
report 2009
Bakker, I.J.I. (author), Klaver, G.T. (author), Jansen, S. (author), Joziasse, J. (author), Van der Meulen, E.S. (author)
Transport van verontreinigingen gebonden aan slib kan een belangrijk deel uitmaken van het totale transport van deze stoffen. Het kan hierbij gaan om grote hoeveelheden die bovendien grensoverschrijdend verplaatst kunnen worden, en grote ecologische effecten teweeg kunnen brengen. Voor een goede inschatting van (ecologische) effecten en van de...
report 2008
Bakker, I. (author)
Since the Industrial Revolution, mankind has disturbed the natural functioning of river floodplains by a high input of contaminants in the environment. Riverine suspended matter is the most important source for elevated levels of contaminants in floodplain areas. Previous research mainly focused on processes affecting the distribution of...
report 2007