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Li, S.B. (author), Xiao, L.O. (author), Song, G.M. (author), Wu, X.M. (author), Sloof, W.G. (author), Van der Zwaag, S. (author)
conference paper 2011
Shen, L. (author), Li, S.B. (author), Van der Zwaag, S. (author), Sloof, W.G. (author)
The oxidation crack healing of Cr2AlC and Cr2(Al,Si)C was studied and compared with known healing of Ti2AlC. The oxidation induced crack healing of Ti2AlC is relatively fast and leads to full strength recovery, but the oxidation product contains besides ?-Al2O3 also undesired TiO2. However, when oxidizing Cr2AlC only ?-Al2O3 is formed, but full...
conference paper 2013