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Shastin, V.N. (author), Zhukavin, R.K. (author), Orlova, E.E. (author), Pavlov, S.G. (author), Rümmeli, M.H. (author), Hübers, H.W. (author), Hovenier, J.N. (author), Klaassen, T.O. (author), Riemann, H. (author), Bradley, I.V. (author), Van der Meer, A.F.G. (author)
Frequency-tunable radiation from the free electron laser FELIX was used to excite neutral phosphorus and bismuth donors embedded in bulk monocrystalline silicon. Lasing at terahertz frequencies has been observed at liquid helium temperature while resonant pumping of odd parity impurity states. The threshold was about two orders of magnitude...
journal article 2002