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Korthals Altes, W.K. (author), Kleinhans, R.J. (author), Meijers, E.J. (author)
Both harmony and conflict may occur between local and more distant communities regarding artefactsof cultural heritage. Incoming tourism, which is attracted by cultural heritage, may provide jobs and othermeans of income to local residents. However, incoming tourists may also trigger or accelerate a process ofgentrification in which local...
journal article 2018
Van der Hoeven, F.D. (author), Brand, N. (author), Van der Burg, L. (author), Çal??kan, O. (author), Tan, E.R. (author), Wang, C.Y. (author), Zhou, J. (author)
To ensure the quality of the Ph.D. research the Department introduced a special procedure for periodic evaluation: after a period of nine months the potential Ph.D. candidates are asked to present their research design, theoretical framework and methodological approach to the members of the Department and to an external review, drawn up by the...
book 2009