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Brinksma, H. (author)
Homes are renovated a number of times during their lifespan. Although we can regard each of these renovations as new, it is more prudent to implement a future-proof solution to renovation.

The purpose of this study is to gain an insight into how future-proof renovation solutions are for homes built between 1975 and 1991 that are...
doctoral thesis 2017
Straub, A. (author)
The building stock has a big importance in reaching Europe’s climate goals. The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive therefore states the need for nearly zero-energy buildings. Nearly zero-energy buildings are a key aspect to reduce the energy use of the built environment. Since a large share of the building stock of 2050 currently already...
report 2016
Mlecnik, E. (author), Kondratenko, I. (author), Cré, J. (author), Vrijders, J. (author), Degraeve, P. (author), Van der Have, J.A. (author), Haavik, T. (author), Aabrekk, S.A. (author), Gron, M. (author), Hansen, S. (author), Svendsen, S. (author), Stenlund, O. (author), Paiho, S. (author)
In theory, there is huge potential for reducing the energy consumed by existing single-family houses by thoroughly renovating them. For the successful market development of highly energy-efficient integrated renovations, supply chain collaboration is very important, while at the same time customer demand for integrated renovations has to be...
journal article 2012