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Sellier, H. (author), Lansbergen, G.P. (author), Caro, J. (author), Rogge, S. (author), Collaert, N. (author), Ferain, I. (author), Jurczak, M. (author), Biesemans, S. (author)
The authors investigate the subthreshold behavior of triple-gate silicon field-effect transistors by low-temperature transport experiments. These three-dimensional nanoscale devices consist of a lithographically defined silicon nanowire surrounded by a gate with an active region as small as a few tens of nanometers down to 50×60×35?nm3....
journal article 2007
Erdamar, A.K. (author), Van Leest, M.M. (author), Picken, S.J. (author), Caro, J. (author)
We use an elastomer as infill material for a photonic crystal. As a result of the thermal-expansion-induced strongly negative thermal optical coefficient, this material is highly suitable for thermal tuning of the transmission of a cavity. This is demonstrated by global infilling of a hole-type silicon photonic crystal slab and global thermal...
journal article 2011