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Weis, C.D. (author), Schuh, A. (author), Batra, A. (author), Persaud, A. (author), Rangelow, I.W. (author), Bokor, J. (author), Lo, C.C. (author), Cabrini, S. (author), Sideras-Haddad, E. (author), Fuchs, G.D. (author), Hanson, R. (author), Awschalom, D.D. (author), Schenkel, T. (author)
The ability to inject dopant atoms with high spatial resolution, flexibility in dopant species, and high single ion detection fidelity opens opportunities for the study of dopant fluctuation effects and the development of devices in which function is based on the manipulation of quantum states in single atoms, such as proposed quantum computers....
journal article 2008
Heremans, F.J. (author), Fuchs, G.D. (author), Wang, C.F. (author), Hanson, R. (author), Awschalom, D.D. (author)
We report time-dependent photocurrent and transport measurements of sub-bandgap photoexcited carriers in nitrogen-rich (type Ib), single-crystal diamond. Transient carrier dynamics are characteristic of trapping conduction with long charge storage lifetimes of ? 3?hours. By measuring the photoexcited Hall effect, we confirm that the charge...
journal article 2009