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Kalmanovitz, N.R. (author), Hoxha, I. (author), Jin, Y. (author), Vitkalov, S.A. (author), Sarachik, M.P. (author), Larkin, I.A. (author), Klapwijk, T.M. (author)
journal article 2008
Smit, G.D.J. (author), Rogge, S. (author), Klapwijk, T.M. (author)
We have measured electrical transport across epitaxial, nanometer-sized metal–semiconductor interfaces by contacting CoSi2 islands grown on Si(111) with the tip of a scanning tunneling microscope. The conductance per unit area was found to increase with decreasing diode area. Indeed, the zero-bias conductance was found to be ? 104 times larger...
journal article 2002