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Oliviero, E. (author), David, M.L. (author), Beaufort, M.F. (author), Barbot, J.F. (author), Van Veen, A. (author)
He+ ions were implanted into silicon with a fluence of 5×10 16?cm?2 at different temperatures ranging from 473 to 1073 K. Samples were analyzed by thermal helium desorption spectroscopy and by transmission electron microscopy. As far as cavity formation is concerned, the behavior can be divided into three stages depending on the implantation...
journal article 2002
Mok, K.R.C. (author), Naber, R.C.G. (author), Nanver, L.K. (author)
Emitter saturation current densities, Joe have been investigated with different boron implantation dose and annealing conditions. The higher thermal budgets used here are shown experimentally to improve Joe, implying more complete defect dissolution. Simulations show that significant degradation in Joe can be attributed to the presence of...
conference paper 2012