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Vuik, V. (author), van Vuren, Saskia (author), Borsje, Bas W. (author), van Wesenbeeck, B.K. (author), Jonkman, Sebastiaan N. (author)
Vegetated foreshores adjacent to engineered structures (so-called hybrid flood defenses), are considered to have high potential in reducing flood risk, even in the face of sea level rise and increasing storminess. However, foreshores such as salt marshes and mangrove forests are generally characterized by relatively strong temporal and...
journal article 2018
Vuik, V. (author), Jonkman, Sebastiaan N. (author), Borsje, B.W. (author), Suzuki, T. (author)
This paper analyses the effect of vegetation on wave damping under severe storm conditions, based on a combination of field measurements and numerical modelling. The field measurements of wave attenuation by vegetation were performed on two salt marshes with two representative but contrasting coastal wetland vegetation types: cordgrass ...
journal article 2016