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Tang, J.M. (author), Vuik, C. (author)
Simulating bubbly flows is a very popular topic in CFD. These bubbly flows are governed by the Navier-Stokes equations. In many popular operator splitting formulations for these equations, solving the linear system coming from the discontinuous diffusion equation takes the most computational time, despite of its elliptic origins. Sometimes these...
conference paper 2006
Tang, J.M., (author), Vuik, C. (author)
In this report we give new insights into the properties of invertible and singular deflated and preconditioned linear systems where the coefficient matrices are also symmetric and positive (semi-) definite. First we prove that the invertible de ated matrix has always a more favorable effeective condition number compared to the original matrix....
report 2005
Li, C. (author), Vuik, C. (author)
In this paper, an eigenvalue analysis of the SIMPLE preconditioning for incompressible flow is presented. Some formulations have been set up to characterize the spectrum of the preconditioned matrix. This leads to a generalized eigenvalue problem. The generalized eigenvalue problem is investigated. Some eigenvalue bounds and the estimation for...
report 2002