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Manschot, J. (author), Brataas, A. (author), Bauer, G.E.W. (author)
The current induced magnetization reversal in nanoscale spin valves is a potential alternative to magnetic field switching in magnetic memories. We show that the critical switching current can be decreased by an order of magnitude by strategically distributing the resistances in the magnetically active region of the spin valve. In addition, we...
journal article 2004
Goennenwein, S.T.B. (author), Keizer, R.S. (author), Schink, S.W. (author), Van Dijk, I. (author), Klapwijk, T.M. (author), Miao, G.X. (author), Xiao, G. (author), Gupta, A. (author)
We have measured the in-plane anisotropic magnetoresistance of 100?nm thick CrO2 thin films at liquid He temperatures. In low magnetic fields H, both the longitudinal and the transverse (planar Hall) resistance show abrupt switches, which characteristically depend on the orientation of H. All the experimental findings consistently demonstrate...
journal article 2007