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Miao, X.F. (author), Caron, L. (author), Roy, P. (author), Dung, N.H. (author), Zhang, L. (author), Kockelmann, W.A. (author), De Groot, R.A. (author), Van Dijk, N.H. (author), Brück, E. (author)
Neutron-diffraction experiments on the (Mn,Fe)2(P,Si)-type compounds have shown a site preference of Si atoms in the hexagonal structure. The degree of ordering of Si depends on the Si/P ratio, while it is independent of the Mn/Fe ratio. The ferromagnetic-paramagnetic magnetoelastic transition is closely related to the size of the magnetic...
journal article 2014
Dung, N.H. (author), Zhang, L. (author), Ou, Z.Q. (author), Zhao, L. (author), Van Eijck, L. (author), Mulders, A.M. (author), Avdeev, M. (author), Suard, E. (author), Van Dijk, N.H. (author), Brück, E. (author)
Using high-resolution neutron diffraction measurements for Mn-rich hexagonal Mn-Fe-P-Si compounds, we show that the substitution of Mn for Fe on the 3f sites results in a linear decrease of the Fe/Mn(3f) magnetic moments, while the Mn(3g) magnetic moments remain constant. With increasing temperature, the Mn(3g) magnetic moments show almost no...
journal article 2012