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Augusto Viviani Perpignan, A. (author), Tomasello, S.G. (author), Gangoli Rao, A. (author)
abstract 2018
Augusto Viviani Perpignan, A. (author), Talboom, M.G. (author), Gangoli Rao, A. (author)
The Flameless Combustion (FC) regime is promising to the attainment of lower emissions in gas turbine engines. The well-distributed reactions, with low peak temperatures present in the regime result in lower emissions and acoustic oscillations. However, the attainment of the FC regime on gas turbine engines has...
abstract 2017
Augusto Viviani Perpignan, A. (author), Gangoli Rao, A. (author)
Alternatives to combustion in aircraft engines are not expected to become feasible in the decades to come. As the aviation traffic increases and regulations become more stringent, reduction in pollutant emissions are needed. The Flameless Combustion (FC) regime has been one of the promising candidates to achieve...
abstract 2016