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Yokoyama, T. (author), Eto, M. (author), Nazarov, Y.V. (author)
We theoretically study the current-phase relation in semiconductor nanowire Josephson junction in the presence of spin-orbit interaction. In the nanowire, the impurity scattering with strong SO interaction is taken into account using the random matrix theory. In the absence of magnetic field, the Josephson current I and phase difference ?...
conference paper 2012
Nazarov, Y.V. (author), Tobiska, J. (author)
We discuss how threshold detectors can be used for a direct measurement of the full counting statistics (FCS) of current fluctuations and how to implement Josephson junctions in this respect. We propose a scheme to characterize the full counting statistics from the current dependence of the escape rate measured. We illustrate the scheme with...
conference paper 2004