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Cottet, A. (author), Huertas-Hernando, D. (author), Belzig, W. (author), Nazarov, Y.V. (author)
The quasiclassical theory of superconductivity provides the most successful description of diffusive heterostructures comprising superconducting elements, namely, the Usadel equations for isotropic Green’s functions. Since the quasiclassical and isotropic approximations break down close to interfaces, the Usadel equations have to be supplemented...
journal article 2009
Huertas-Hernando, D. (author), Nazarov, Y.V. (author)
We study the proximity effect in hybrid structures consisting of superconductor and ferromagnetic insulator separated by a normal diffusive metal (S/N/FI structures). These stuctures were proposed to realize the absolute spin-valve effect. We pay special attention to the gaps in the density of states of the normal part. We show that the effect...
journal article 2005
Huertas-Hernando, D. (author), Nazarov, Yu.V. (author), Belzig, W. (author)
journal article 2002