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Eriksson, Erik (author), Riwar, Roman Pascal (author), Houzet, Manuel (author), Meyer, Julia S. (author), Nazarov, Y.V. (author)
Recently we predicted that the Andreev bound-state spectrum of four-terminal Josephson junctions may possess topologically protected zero-energy Weyl singularities, which manifest themselves in a quantized transconductance in units of 4e2/h when two of the terminals are voltage biased [R.-P. Riwar, M. Houzet, J. S. Meyer, and Y. V. Nazarov,...
journal article 2017
Riwar, Roman Pascal (author), Houzet, Manuel (author), Meyer, Julia S. (author), Nazarov, Y.V. (author)
Topological materials and their unusual transport properties are now at the focus of modern experimental and theoretical research. Their topological properties arise from the bandstructure determined by the atomic composition of a material and as such are difficult to tune and naturally restricted to ≤3 dimensions. Here we demonstrate that n...
journal article 2016
Riwar, R.P. (author), Houzet, M. (author), Meyer, J.S. (author), Nazarov, Y.V. (author)
We study a short multichannel superconducting junction subject to dc and ac phase biases. The ac modulation changes the occupation of the Andreev bound states formed at the constriction by transitions between bound states and the continuum. In a short junction, the nonequilibrium Andreev bound-state population may relax through processes that...
journal article 2015