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Nijzink, R.C. (author), Almeida, S (author), Pechlivanidis, I. G. (author), Capell, R (author), Gustafssons, D. (author), Arheimer, B (author), Parajka, J (author), Freer, J (author), Han, D (author), Wagener, T (author), van Nooijen, R.R.P. (author), Savenije, Hubert (author), Hrachowitz, M. (author)
The calibration of hydrological models without streamflow observations is problematic, and the simultaneous, combined use of remotely sensed products for this purpose has not been exhaustively tested thus far. Our hypothesis is that the combined use of products can (1) reduce the parameter search space and (2) improve the representation of...
journal article 2018
Nijzink, R.C. (author), Hutton, Christopher (author), Pechlivanidis, Ilias (author), Capell, René (author), Arheimer, Berit (author), Freer, Jim (author), Han, Dawei (author), Wagener, Thorsten (author), McGuire, Kevin (author), Savenije, Hubert (author), Hrachowitz, M. (author)
The core component of many hydrological systems, the moisture storage capacity available to vegetation, is impossible to observe directly at the catchment scale and is typically treated as a calibration parameter or obtained from a priori available soil characteristics combined with estimates of rooting depth. Often this parameter is...
journal article 2016
Hrachowitz, M. (author), Fovet, O. (author), Ruiz, L. (author), Euser, T. (author), Gharari, S. (author), Nijzink, R. (author), Freer, J. (author), Savenije, H.H.G. (author), Gascuel-Odoux, C. (author)
Hydrological models frequently suffer from limited predictive power despite adequate calibration performances. This can indicate insufficient representations of the underlying processes. Thus, ways are sought to increase model consistency while satisfying the contrasting priorities of increased model complexity and limited equifinality. In this...
journal article 2014