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Wang-Erlandsson, L. (author), Fetzer, Ingo (author), Keys, Patrick W. (author), van der Ent, R.J. (author), Savenije, Hubert (author), Gordon, Line J. (author)
The effects of land-use change on river flows have usually been explained by changes within a river basin. However, land-atmosphere feedback such as moisture recycling can link local land-use change to modifications of remote precipitation, with further knock-on effects on distant river flows. Here, we look at river flow changes caused by...
journal article 2018
Wang-Erlandsson, L. (author), Bastiaanssen, W.G.M. (author), Gao, H. (author), J├Ągermeyr, Jonas (author), Senay, Gabriel B. (author), Van Dijk, Albert I J M (author), Guerschman, Juan P. (author), Keys, Patrick W. (author), Gordon, Line J. (author), Savenije, Hubert (author)
This study presents an "Earth observation-based" method for estimating root zone storage capacity-a critical, yet uncertain parameter in hydrological and land surface modelling. By assuming that vegetation optimises its root zone storage capacity to bridge critical dry periods, we were able to use state-of-the-art satellite-based evaporation...
journal article 2016
Keys, P.W. (author), Van der Ent, R.J. (author), Gordon, L.J. (author), Hoff, H. (author), Nikoli, R. (author), Savenije, H.H.G. (author)
It is well known that rivers connect upstream and downstream ecosystems within watersheds. Here we describe the concept of precipitationsheds to show how upwind terrestrial evaporation source areas contribute moisture for precipitation to downwind sink regions. We illustrate the importance of upwind land cover in precipitationsheds to sustain...
journal article 2012