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Nijzink, R.C. (author), Almeida, S (author), Pechlivanidis, I. G. (author), Capell, R (author), Gustafssons, D. (author), Arheimer, B (author), Parajka, J (author), Freer, J (author), Han, D (author), Wagener, T (author), van Nooijen, R.R.P. (author), Savenije, Hubert (author), Hrachowitz, M. (author)
The calibration of hydrological models without streamflow observations is problematic, and the simultaneous, combined use of remotely sensed products for this purpose has not been exhaustively tested thus far. Our hypothesis is that the combined use of products can (1) reduce the parameter search space and (2) improve the representation of...
journal article 2018
Fenicia, F. (author), Savenije, H.H.G. (author), Matgen, P. (author), Pfister, L. (author)
A conceptual hydrological model structure contains several parameters that have to be estimated through matching observed and modeled watershed behavior in a calibration process. The requirement that a model simulation matches different aspects of system response at the same time has led the calibration problem toward a multiobjective approach....
journal article 2007