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Al-Kutubi, H. (author), Rassaei, L. (author), Olthuis, W. (author), Nelson, G.W. (author), Foord, J.S. (author), Holdway, P. (author), Carta, M. (author), Malpass-Evans, R. (author), McKeown, N.B. (author), Tsang, S.C. (author), Castaing, R. (author), Forder, T.R. (author), Jones, M.D. (author), He, D. (author), Marken, F. (author)
The highly rigid molecular structure of Polymers of Intrinsic Microporosity (PIM) – associated with a high thermolysis threshold – combined with the possibility to fill intrinsic micropores allows the direct “one-step” templated conversion of metal nitrates into nano-structured metal oxides. This is demonstrated here with PIM-EA-TB and with PIM...
journal article 2015