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Dolinska, J. (author), Chidambaram, A. (author), Adamkiewicz, W. (author), Estili, M. (author), Lisowski, W. (author), Iwan, M. (author), Palys, B. (author), Sudholter, E.J.R. (author), Marken, F. (author), Opallo, M. (author), Rassaei, L. (author)
Porous carbon nanohybrids are promising materials as high-performance electrodes for both sensing and energy conversion applications. This is mainly due to their high specific surface area and specific physicochemical properties. Here, new porous nanohybrid materials are developed based on exfoliated MoS2 nanopetals and either negatively charged...
journal article 2016
Al-Kutubi, H. (author), Rassaei, L. (author), Olthuis, W. (author), Nelson, G.W. (author), Foord, J.S. (author), Holdway, P. (author), Carta, M. (author), Malpass-Evans, R. (author), McKeown, N.B. (author), Tsang, S.C. (author), Castaing, R. (author), Forder, T.R. (author), Jones, M.D. (author), He, D. (author), Marken, F. (author)
The highly rigid molecular structure of Polymers of Intrinsic Microporosity (PIM) – associated with a high thermolysis threshold – combined with the possibility to fill intrinsic micropores allows the direct “one-step” templated conversion of metal nitrates into nano-structured metal oxides. This is demonstrated here with PIM-EA-TB and with PIM...
journal article 2015