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Schrittwieser, J. (author), Coccia, F. (author), Kara, S. (author), Grischek, B. (author), Kroutil, W. (author), d'Alessandro, N. (author), Hollmann, F. (author)
One-pot combinations of sequential catalytic reactions can offer practical and ecological advantages over classical multi-step synthesis schemes. In this context, the integration of enzymatic and chemo-catalytic transformations holds particular potential for efficient and selective reaction sequences that would not be 10 possible using either...
journal article 2013
Kara, S. (author), Spickermann, D. (author), Schrittwieser, J.H. (author), Leggewie, C. (author), Van Berkel, W.J.H. (author), Arendsa, I.W.C.E. (author), Hollmann, F. (author)
1,4-Butanediol is shown to be an efficient cosubstrate to promote NAD(P)H-dependent redox biocatalysis. The thermodynamically and kinetically inert lactone coproduct makes the regeneration reaction irreversible. Thereby not only the molar surplus of cosubstrate is dramatically reduced but also faster reaction rates are obtained.
journal article 2012