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Leonhardt, G. (author), Kuzniecow Bacchin, T. (author), Mair, M. (author), Zischg, J. (author), Ljung, S. (author), Rogers, B. (author), Goldkuhl, L. (author), Gustafsson, A. (author), Sitzenfrei, R. (author), Blecken, G. (author), Ashley, R. (author), Rauch, W. (author), van Timmeren, A. (author), Viklander, M. (author)
The city of Kiruna in Northern Sweden has become known for the need to relocate major parts of the city. Current and future mining activities in the world’s largest underground iron ore mine are the cause of land subsidence that requires relocation of substantial parts of the town including its water infrastructure. Figure 1 shows the area...
conference paper 2015