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Vermeersen, L.L.A. (author), Baart, F. (author), Cohen, Kim M. (author), Frederikse, T. (author), Kiden, Patrick (author), Kleinherenbrink, M. (author), Riva, R.E.M. (author), Slobbe, D.C. (author), van der Wegen, M. (author), More Authors (author)
Rising sea levels due to climate change can have severe consequences for coastal populations and ecosystems all around the world. Understanding and projecting sea-level rise is especially important for low-lying countries such as the Netherlands. It is of specific interest for vulnerable ecological and morphodynamic regions, such as the...
journal article 2018
Dissanayake, P.K. (author)
This dissertation qualitatively investigates the morphodynamic response of a large inlet system to IPCC projected relative sea level rise (RSLR). Adopted numerical approach (Delft3D) used a highly schematised model domain analogous to the Ameland inlet in the Dutch Wadden Sea. Predicted inlet evolution indicated the typical channel/shoal pattern...
doctoral thesis 2011