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De Graaf, M. (author), Bellouin, N. (author), Tilstra, L.G. (author), Haywood, J. (author), Stammes, P. (author)
The aerosol direct radiative effect (DRE) of African smoke was analyzed in cloud scenes over the southeast Atlantic Ocean, using Scanning Imaging Absorption Spectrometer for Atmospheric Chartography (SCIAMACHY) satellite observations and Hadley Centre Global Environmental Model version 2 (HadGEM2) climate model simulations. The observed mean DRE...
journal article 2014
Muller, M. (author)
Clouds are the great unknown quantity in predictions about climate change. For aeons they have been drifting quietly across the sky, but scientists still dont know exactly how they are formed and why they eventually come down again as rain. High time to take a closer look at clouds, say researchers at Delft University of Technology. Politicians...
journal article 2007