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Jongejan, R.B. (author), Ranasinghe, R.W.M.R.J.B. (author), Vrijling, J.K. (author)
Economic and population growth have led to an unprecedented increase in the value at risk in coastal zones over the last century. To avoid excessive future losses, particularly in the light of projected climate change impacts, coastal zone managers have various instruments at their disposal. These primarily concern land-use planning ...
conference paper 2011
Verhagen, H.J. (author), Visser, P.J. (author)
Along the North Sea coast, water levels are rising and waves are intensifying due to climate change. The best scientific evidence suggests that both phenomena are likely to accelerate over the coming decades. In some North Sea coastal areas also land is sinking and tidal heights and rates of erosion are increasing. This means that the risk of...
conference paper 2007