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Van der Helm, A.W.C. (author), Kramer, O.J.I. (author), Hooft, J.F.M. (author), De Moel, P.J. (author)
In practice, drinking water technologists use simplified calculation methods for aquatic chemistry calculations. Recently, the database stimela.dat is developed especially for aquatic chemistry for drinking water treatment processes. The database is used in PHREEQC, the standard in geohydrology for calculating chemical equilibria in groundwater....
conference paper 2015
van der Helm, A.W.C. (author)
Drinking water treatment plants automation becomes more sophisticated, more on-line monitoring systems become available and integration of modeling environments with control systems becomes easier. This gives possibilities for model-based optimization. In operation of drinking water treatment plants, the processes are usually optimized...
doctoral thesis 2007