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Gao, Mingyu (author), Chakraborty, S.S. (author), Kulahcioglu Ozkan, Burcu (author)
The Probabilistic Concurrency Testing (PCT) algorithm that provides theoretical guarantees on the probability of detecting concurrency bugs does not apply to weak memory programs. The PCT algorithm builds on the interleaving semantics of sequential consistency, which does not hold for weak memory concurrency. It is because weak memory...
conference paper 2023
Gouicem, Redha (author), Sprokholt, D.G. (author), Ruehl, Jasper (author), Rocha, Rodrigo C.O. (author), Spink, Tom (author), Chakraborty, S.S. (author), Bhatotia, Pramod (author)
Dynamic Binary Translation (DBT) is a powerful approach to support cross-architecture emulation of unmodified binaries. However, DBT systems face correctness and performance challenges, when emulating concurrent binaries from strong to weak memory consistency architectures. As a matter of fact, we report several translation errors in QEMU,...
conference paper 2022