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Dekker, S.H. (author)
A mechanical component can break due to repeated load cycling, even if these loads remain well below the component’s regular static strength. In a simplified fashion, a component’s fatigue life depends on the loads that it has to endure during its service life, as well as its fatigue strength to resist the formation of cracks. Since both of...
doctoral thesis 2018
Gupta, M. (author)
Fibre-metal laminates (FMLs) have been studied intensively for the past three decades because of their enhanced fatigue properties compared to monolithic metals. Most of these studies have focused on the fatigue damage under in-axis loading. These studies led to the application of FMLs in the aircraft structure in the early 21st century. However...
doctoral thesis 2017
Pascoe, J.A. (author)
doctoral thesis 2016