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Zhang, R. (author)
In the recent development of wireless communication several applications, such as spectrum sensing for cognitive radio are only interested in the power spectrum. These applications do not require the reconstruction of the original analog signal. According to the Whittaker-Kotelnikov-Shannon-Nyquist theorem, the sampling rate must be at least...
master thesis 2015
Bruinsma, W.P. (author), Hes, R.P. (author), Kroep, H.J.C. (author), Leliveld, T.C. (author), Melching, W.M. (author), Aan de Wiel, T.A. (author)
This document describes the design process of a software toolkit to perform high-performance wideband spectrum sensing. A prominent application of this is Cognitive Radio, a technique that aims to make more efficient use of the available radio spectrum. An extensive theoretical analysis will be performed. Various non-uniform sampling techniques...
bachelor thesis 2015