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Lim, Nanette (author)
This research is about the integration of hybrid and electric aircraft (HEA) in the air<br/>traffic management system. Current conventional aircraft are responsible for emissions and noise that often lead to nuisance for residents. In order to make aviation more sustainable, aircraft manufacturers are studying the possibilities to replace fuel...
master thesis 2020
Jansen, Joost (author)
Block signalling and Automatic Train Protection are two of the main railway safety systems to control the risk of train accidents. The combination of the existing Dutch block signalling system NS’54 and ATP-system ATB-EG is functioning well, but has some drawbacks. The systems have been designed over 60 years ago with proven technology of that...
master thesis 2019
Sardjoe, Nishchal (author)
On a daily basis we (in) directly make use of functions of various infrastructures: we drive on roads and bridges or we live without worries behind the safety of a dike. Only when there are cracks in the dike or a particular bridge is not accessible due to for example a broken pillar, we realize how critical these infrastructures are for our...
master thesis 2017