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Negeri, E.O. (author)
The electrical power system provides vital support for the functioning of modern so- cieties. Driven by the growing interest in clean, reliable and affordable energy, the electrical power system is facing transitions. The share of renewable energy sources in electricity supply is growing. In addition, the end customers of electricity, such as...
doctoral thesis 2014
Van Boven, E.F.M. (author)
This thesis aims to contribute to the understanding of the structure, composition, properties, functions and dynamics of economic systems. The research output results from joining advances in the scientific disciplines of systems theory, complex networks, Input-Output analysis and economic activity classification systems. The relevance of this...
doctoral thesis 2013
Madureira, A.J.P.S. (author)
The extraordinary level of interest worldwide in Digital Information Networks (DINs)’ deployment is due to the strong perception that they bring economic, social and environmental value. However, scientific attempts to evidence this perception lead to speculative, elusive or limited conclusions. In this thesis, we propose a novel framework to...
doctoral thesis 2011